The person behind the policies

I was born in Guernsey in 1960 and I’ve lived here most of my life. I have a teenage son. In my spare time, I swim and make pottery.

I started out by working in local finance for 10 years. After taking a trial flying lesson at the Aero Club, I became hooked and eventually left the finance industry to become the chief flying instructor at the club. Having accidentally fallen into flying, I pressed on and gained my Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence and in due course flew as a 737 Captain for British Airways. However, my most enjoyable flying was as a Trislander Captain for Aurigny, including on the legendary G-JOEY. I stopped flying in 2012 when I was honoured to be elected as a People’s Deputy for the West. You can find a report on my previous term by clicking here

I believe life is one long learning opportunity so after some years of pursuing diverse Open University courses, I took the plunge and gained a master’s degree (Distinction) in Renewable Energy and Sustainable Construction. Due to family circumstances when I was growing up, I left school at 17 to go into work, so finally getting round to gaining a degree was a moment of personal achievement at the age of 51. This year, having not studied anything for a while, I passed the Institute of Director’s Certificate in Company Direction which has been of assistance to me in my voluntary work as a Director of Safer and the Women’s Refuge. I was President of La Société Guernesiaise until March of this year. Prior to that, I was on the Independent Monitoring Panel for the States’ Prison and I flew as a search pilot for Channel Islands Air Search for 15 years, for which I was awarded the Queen’s Golden Jubilee medal for Voluntary Service.

My experience spans across economic, environmental, social and political issues. I believe that all people should be treated fairly and with respect. I’m not afraid to put my head above the parapet or ask seemingly obvious or difficult questions of anyone. I have friends across the political spectrum and enjoy lively conversations and I’m open to hearing new evidence that changes my mind.

I have no preconceived notions or promises of which job I might get if elected. However, I am particularly interested in the work of the Scrutiny Committee, the Committee for Home Affairs and Policy and Resources. That being said, if you do entrust me with the role of deputy, then of course I will work wherever I am needed, although I do not intend to seek a seat on Environment and Infrastructure. Furthermore, if elected, I will not work for anyone else during the political term.

I have set out my views on specific subjects in my detailed manifesto. It is unlikely that many people will agree with every single thing I have written, but that is no doubt true of every candidate. What I do promise however is that I will always base my views on evidence, research and the views of the community. I also understand that sometimes what the evidence might show is right for another country might not be right for Guernsey and a balance must be struck.

I offer experience that is wide-ranging, delivered with energy and positivity and I ask you to give me one of your 38 votes.

With thanks to my Proposer, Sir de Vic Carey, former Bailiff of Guernsey, and my Seconder, Mrs Annette Henry, Tour Guide.

I’ve worked with Yvonne for the last two years in her role as a volunteer director on the Board of Safer, Guernsey’s Domestic Abuse charity. I am completely confident that she has the ability, skills and pragmatism needed for the role of deputy at this challenging time for the island. She has a genuine desire to help others and I fully support her in her bid to be elected.

Fiona Naftel, Chair of Safer