Bluebell Wood. Picture credit: Sealord Photography

Campaign Sustainability

It is inevitable that running an election campaign is going to use resources and create some waste. I have given considerable thought to the materials I have used and how to minimise their environmental impact whilst still getting my message out to the whole island.

Printed paper campaign materials

I am using FSC approved paper from sustainably managed forests. Please recycle my manifesto and calling card after use. However, there is still an environmental impact. I have teamed up with ESI Monitor Guernsey and I have offset the carbon emissions of my campaign to compensate for the impact.

Outdoor waterproof posters

I am only using a relatively small number of these. By the very nature of the fact that these items need to be waterproof, they are likely to contain plastic in some form. I considered using plywood but that uses a resource that is difficult to recycle. Eventually I decided on Correx, a very lightweight corrugated plastic. Once the election is over, I intend to re-use these as liners for my clay recycling baskets and shelves in my workshop/pottery.

The Campaign trail

When I am out meeting voters around the island I will be using my ebike for the vast majority of the time. I estimate this will save around a tankful of petrol.

Other contributions to sustainability

I try to live my life in a sustainable way. We don’t use pesticides or herbicides on our garden or fields and in the last 8 years we have planted over 200 native species trees some of which you can see in the picture below. If you have a garden and are interested in the small changes you can make to help wildlife, I recommend taking a look at the fabulous Pollinator Project website. It’s really important to look after our island’s biodiversity and make changes to help it recover and flourish.