With sincere thanks to my Proposer and Seconder for their support

Sir de Vic Carey

Bailiff of Guernsey 1999-2005

Sir de Vic Carey was elected as People’s Deputy in March 1976, resigning 8 months later when he was appointed HM Comptroller.

In 1992 he was sworn into office as Deputy Bailiff and Deputy President of the States of Deliberation. In 1999 he became the 87th Bailiff of Guernsey, retiring in 2005.

From 2009 to 2015, he served as Deputy Chair of the Children’s Convenor and Youth Tribunal Board.

I am immensely grateful to Sir de Vic for offering, in his words, to ‘put me up’ for election.

“Yvonne cares strongly about Guernsey and the welfare of all sections of our community. With her wide experience of life, she will bring insight and wisdom to all that she has to decide in the States chamber and the Committees of Government.”

Sir de Vic Carey

Annette Henry

Tour guide

Annette is well known on the island for her engaging tours of the Bailiwick which are enjoyed as much by locals as visitors and which she has been doing for 22 years. Prior to that, she was a registered general nurse, working in a variety of different jobs from the hospital to the Chest and Heart Unit. She was Practice Nurse and a holistic trainer with Health Promotion Unit.

Annette is now training to be a Celebrant and very much looking forward to being able to conduct legalised weddings soon.

Annette and I worked together as volunteers in the Prison on the Independent Monitoring Panel.  She was my proposer in 2012 and I’m very pleased that she has agreed to support my election bid again this time.

“When I proposed Yvonne in 2012 for the position of Deputy for the Western Parishes, I did so with confidence that she would make a serious contribution to the running of the Government. Her integrity and honesty make her a principled politician whom I continue to support.”

Annette Henry

Photo Credits: Guernsey Press and Annette Henry Tours