An idea to help Guernsey Revive and Thrive and put us on the ecological tourist map, as well as being a destination for locals and a centre of excellence for environmental research.

Introducing The CENTRE – a self-funding flagship Centre for Energy, Nature, Tourism, Research and the Environment, which would serve as a multi-purpose destination for the local community and visitors to the island, including students. 

Part field centre, part environmental research base, part tourist attraction, part local meeting and conference venue, part energy advice and sustainability resource, The Centre could incorporate some or all of the following: 

Environmental research

Guernsey is uniquely placed for university students and others to undertake original research of its natural land and marine environment. This exciting project would be a way of attracting students to conduct research in Guernsey and to document Guernsey’s natural land and marine environment. There are many unstudied areas ripe for research. 

An Energy Advice Centre

A one-stop shop for local residents to find independent advice and assistance on how to save on their energy bills, helping to address fuel poverty and the island’s carbon footprint amongst other benefits. 


The Centre could offer a mix of accommodation from budget student style rooms to comfortable tourist rooms for researchers and tourists who wish to visit the island for its natural beauty, cliff walking, flora and fauna and marine environment. Nature Tourism is a large industry, and growing. It is out-performing current trends in general tourism. The typical nature tourist is of a similar profile to Guernsey’s target market: they are between 45-64 years of age and belong to higher socio-economic groups. Enhancing the offering and marketing of Guernsey’s natural environment supports Visit Guernsey’s aims. 

A Bird Observatory

This could be incorporated as a place for the study of bird migrations and bird populations of local birds, migrants in passage and rare sightings together with bird ringing and recording. 

Natural History

An exhibition space incorporating the natural history items currently in storage on the island. 

Biological Records Centre

Incorporation of the existing Guernsey Biological Records Centre to encourage citizen science and engage local children in the natural environment. It would become accessible to the general public so that visitors could use the resources, speak to experts and view the records. This is not possible in its current location. By making data available online, the general public can be informed and enthused to observe, study and report sightings of Guernsey’s wildlife. 

Short Courses

Courses could be available to locals and visitors on the natural land and marine environment.

Restaurant, Theatre and Conference facilities

To serve The Centre and available to research students, residents, tourists and locals alike.